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LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask
LED Light Therapy Mask

Bello Skin Co Australia

LED Light Therapy Mask

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  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY (Any issues, we've got you covered!)

Bello Skin Co LED Light Therapy Mask is an innovative mask. With its three powerful LED lights, this perfect combination provides a triple-tier effect for your face. Medical-grade, this LED mask harnesses blue light wavelength, yellow light wavelength, and red light wavelength, to help make your skin clearer, detoxify, and revitalize in just 10 minutes a day. Bello Skin Co provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can relax and pick your ideal light to get ready to glow.

 Six Functions to Beautify Skin


Three Colour lightwave

The red light (620 -630NM)

Red Light helps stimulate collagen production through blood circulation- which is our skin’s basic protein that helps revitalise your skin by preventing and decreasing wrinkle formation. Best part? It slows down signs of ageing.

The blue light (460-470NM)

Using the blue light wavelength it targets and kills acne-causing bacteria. It's the first and only light therapy system clinically proven to kill acne bacteria and reduce oil production. By effectively repairing the look of acne, it helps restore your natural complexion by encouraging anti-inflammatory properties.

The yellow Light (580-590NM)

The yellow wavelength works on detoxification by pushing more oxygen into cells, improving microcirculation, and improving cells ability to remove toxins. The beauty of this feature is that flushing out toxins in your skin reduces pigmentation, sun damage, and improves skin tone, resulting in a brighter, more glowy complexion.

  • Easy 10-15 minute treatment!
  • Lowest price LED Light Therapy Mask on the market!
  • Includes  1 LED Light Therapy Mask,  storage bag, Instruction Manual 
  • Includes a USB cord (2 meter long)


How to use:

1. Clean your face and make sure no makeup is visible. This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
2. Plug in USB cord to turn on Bello Skin Co LED Light Therapy Mask
3. Switch to LED Light Therapy Mode by selecting the left touch sensor